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Homes CNL

Teamwork delivers extraordinary results

Join a community interested in discovering what can happen when cryptoassets are backed by real estate.

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The current scenario is increasingly uncertain, but with the business model designed in Homes CNL you can obtain important profits thanks to the advice of professionals in a market that is consolidating day by day.

No banks
No brokers
No commissions

How Homes CNL works:

Project Evaluation

CNL offers users from all over the world the opportunity to participate in the real estate market. An option that allows them to earn profits, through attractive and accessible projects after having been studied by the team.

Capital Collection

All properties are held through an LLC of which CNL acts as the managing member and owner of the Class B units in the LLC (and has full voting rights).

Smart Partnership

Each participant is a member and owner of the class A units in the LLC. And as an owner of the class A units, the user has an indirect economic interest in the real estate asset of the LLC.

Distribution of Returns

The proceeds from the sale of these properties are distributed between the CNL manager and the participating users on a 65 (investor) / 35 (manager) split.

Why trust Homes CNL?

Thanks to its business model available to all bussines flipping, anyone can participate with a minimum capital.

Bussines flipping consists of acquiring a property at a low cost, to sell it once it has been rehabilitated (or remodeled) and obtain a profit in the short or medium term with attractive advantages:

  • Flexibility DeFi.
  • Stability in financing properties.
  • Crowdfunding purchasing power.
  • Not a REIT or equity model.
  • Backed by state-of-the-art technology.

Partner with Homes CNL only in 4 steps

Don't let your money be devalued by keeping it, let it be part of a cooperative flow that brings you income and become a Homes CNL partner.

The results are sustainable, because the capital is managed responsibly.

Homes CNL Acquires

The real estate is acquired in a secure and regulated manner.

You Participate As a Partner

You intervene with the minimum capital and allow the balance to remain working according to the estimated periods.

Homes CNL Positions

Homes CNL is in charge of advertising and offering the property for sale in the short or medium term.

You Receive The Corresponding Return

Once the property is sold, you get the stipulated returns.